6 Pakistani Celebrities Who Rejected Bollywood Offers

As we all know it is now trend that our celebrities did films and other entertaining things in our neighbor country India and one of the interesting thing is that our stars have truly outshines themselves and have effortlessly floored the audience of the neighboring nation. But we are here to tell you about those celebrities that are not interested to work in Bollywood.

Shaan Shahid:
On top list one of the our legend actor Shaan Shahid. He is best at his work and we all know this. In an interview Shaan Shahid revealed that he refuse to work a negative role in Amir Khan’s film Ghajni. According to him “I refused India once. When I read the role, I knew that they needed a new terrorist face and I said no. In Pakistan, I live in people’s hearts. That’s a huge responsibility. I cannot let them down.”

Shaan Shahid refuse to work in Bollywood film

Hamza Ali Abbasi:
On 2nd we have our Pyaray Afzal  means Hamza Ali Abbasi. He also refuse to work in Bollywood films. After Meekal Zulfiqar debut  in Bollywood with Akshay Kumar’s film Baby Hamza Ali Abbasi revealed on Facebook that he offered for this role but he rejected because it was anti Pakistani content.

Hamza Ali Abbasi refuse to work in bollywood

Faysal Quraishi:
Our all time favorite actor faysal qureshi also  rejected Bollywood offers. In an interview with Faysal he revealed “I have had 2-3 offers, but the scripts weren’t to my liking. I don’t want to disappoint my fans by doing that doesn’t live up to their expectation.”

Faysal Quraishi refuse to work in bollywood

Fahad Mustafa:
The heart-throb Fahad Mustafa also rejected Bollywood offers. In a Twitter talk Fahad revealed that he received a movie proposal from the neighboring nation but preferred to work in his homeland.

fahad reply

Humayun Saeed:
The Pakistani drama’s and films all time favorite hero and the legend Humayun also rejected many proposals from indian producers. In an interview to The News back in July 2015, Saeed openly clarified, “I’m in no mood to work in Bollywood right now. I have no issues working in Bollywood, but it has to be a really strong project to sway me. Otherwise, I’m feeling no urge to go now.”

Humayun saeed rejected proposal from indian directord

Sanam Jung:

The Jago Pakistan Jago host also rejected proposals from indian producers. After the success of her dramas Dil-e-Muztar, Muhabbat Subah Ka Sitara and Alvida she got proposals from neighbour nation but she refused the offers just because they want her to do bold scenes. In an Interview to Aurora magazine Sanam Jhung revealed “When I said I would not do bold scenes, they replied they could ‘cheat’, but even if they cheat a scene, the audience will think I have done it. So Bollywood is out of the question”.

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